Durga Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy
Durga Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy
Durga Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy
Durga Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy
Durga Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy
Durga Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy

Durga Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy

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Awaken the lioness inside of you with Durga Devi.


  • 7" tall plush: perfect for on-the-go
  • comes with a detachable velcro strap:  easily attach it to your baby's crib mobile, or hang it off of their activity gym play mats, attach it to their car seats and strollers
  • sings five popular Durga mantras, making it interactive, engaging and educational. Simply press its belly to play!
  • battery operated, included and replaceable (AG13 or LR44).
  • stuffing is made from 15 recycled plastic bottles - Click here to learn more
  • made in India

About Durga Devi:

  • Durga Devi features a trishul -- also known as a trident --in her left hand, while offering blessings with her right hand.
  • Since Durga is never seen without her trusted lion, our plush also comes affixed to a lion, who sits wrapped around her.

Ideal Gift For:

  • As the Hindu goddess of power and protection, Durga Devi is the fiesty female energy we all need.
  • Durga Devi is affectionately known as "Durga Ma" because she is associated with motherhood, making her perfect for Mother's Day, baby showers or any special woman in your life.

Mantras (see the full lyrics):

  • Durga Mantra
  • Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu
  • Sarvamangala Mangalye
  • Saranagata Dinarta
  • Sarva Swarupe

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"Since ordering a Ganesh toy for my daughter a few years ago, there hasn’t been a day she hasn’t slept with it. She loves it so much and brings it on all our trips, everywhere. The toy is just so cute and my daughter has fallen in love with Ganesh, the God, ever since. She now calls him her ‘favorite’ God. I would say that she also feels very safe and protected with her Ganesh toy around. It’s wonderful how Modi toys has made God so ‘accessible’ and ‘approachable’ to children."


"I bought the bookish bundle for my sons and the stories are so well thought out and depicted. The pictures in the books are adorable, and the language is simple to understand for my little boys. The books also give valuable life sessions which are easy for children to understand. Will definitely order more for gifting."

Mugdha Choudhari

"This brand has been absolutely essential to my daughter. As a white woman who married a Hindu man this is a great brand/teaching toy that has brought a lot of joy to a biracial household. The toys and books are for my daughter but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t read them all and learned something myself."

Whitney Patel

"I saw the Hanuman toy with a young child at the local temple and instantly fell in love with the cute design and concept of the toy. I decided to gift the mini bundle to my newborn nephew, and he loves it! The toys are so cute and help introduce our culture to the younger generations in an organic way. My mom back home also loved them so much that I gifted the full bundle for her Golu collection she displays during Navaratri."

Vinod Ramakrishnan


Yes, all of our plush toys, including both small/mini and medium sized, come equipped with a voicebox, pre-recorded with mantras respective to the deity. Click here to listen to the mantras.

Yes! First, remove the entire voicebox from the toy. Next, place the toy inside a mesh laundry bag (like this one!), or a pillowcase and enclose it properly. Wash the toy on a gentle/delicate cycle, using minimal baby detergent. Keep the toy inside the laundry bag as you dry it on gentle in the drying machine.
Click here to watch a demo of our suggested care instructions.

The short answer is: our plush toys are designed for ages 0 to 100. The long answer is: although they were originally intended for young children, these plush toys have stolen the hearts of people of all ages. Just as spirituality has no age limit, neither do our toys. 

The mantras were recorded by Indian artists for an authentic sound and with parents' ears in mind. Click here for a preview of the mantras.  

Our standard voicebox comes pre-recorded with the mantras in Sanskrit, as seen here. Although these can not be overwritten, you do have the option to purchase our Bluetooth Speaker. With this portable Bluetooth Speaker, you can easily replace your existing voicebox to play any audio file of your choice.

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Customer Reviews

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Adorable representation of Hindu Gods/Goddesses

Love these plush representations of our Hindu Gods and Goddesses! My son loves them as well as the Rangoli sticker book and Durga book!! Great job!


My Durga Devi is great quality. The material is so soft andI like the attached strap. Her dress is so pretty and this is a very safe toy for babies. Unfortunately my voice box came with no batteries so I had to work on replacing those.

Rangeeta Prasad

I have not received my order. The tracking number provided is incorrect

Akshaya Hebbar Katingari

i have not received it yet. i am not able to track my order as well.

Hi Akshaya, I'm so sorry you experienced delays with your order. Our records indicate that you did indeed receive your order, albeit a couple of days later than you had expected. My apologies for the inconvenience!

Ankitha Rai

very nice