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In Hinduism, mantras are sacred words or verses chanted out loud or quietly while praying or meditating. They are believed to have originated over 3,000 years ago in the Sanskrit language. Below are the lyrics to the mantras you will hear in each of our plush toys.

Laxmi Devi Mantras

1: Karagre Vasate Laxmi
Karagre Vaste Laxmi, Kara Madhye Saraswati
Kara Moole Tu Govinda, Prabhate Kara Darshanam


At the fingertips of my hands, may Lakshmi reside,
In the center, Saraswati,
At the root, let Govinda be,
Let me see him in the morning.


This is a morning prayer that Hindus often recite before starting their day. It is a prayer for blessings and protection from the goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Govinda.

2: Mahalaxmi Cha Vidmahe

Mahalaxmi Cha Vidmahe
Vishnu Patni Chi Dhimahee
Tanno Laxmi Pracho Dayat


We meditate on Mahalakshmi, The consort of Vishnu, may she guide us, May Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, inspire us.

3: Om Maha Laxmi Namo Namah

Om Maha Laxmi Namo Namah
Om Vishnu Priyay Namo Namah
Om Dhanya Pradhaye Namo Namah
Om Vishna Jananye Namo Namah


My salutations or adoration to the great Lakshmi and Vishnu

4: Om Reem Shreem

Om Reem Shreem
Kreem Shreem Kubera Ya
Ashta Laxmi Mamagruhe Tanam
Puraya Puraya Namaha


I bow to Lord Kuber, the giver of wealth and fame.


Devotees recite this mantra to help prevent or minimize financial losses and gain profits business, provided it is chanted carefully and with full conviction.

5: Ashta Laxmi

Adi Laxmi, Dhanya Laxmi
Dhairya Laxmi, Gaja Laxmi
Santana Laxmi, Vijaya Laxmi
Vidya Laxmi, Dhana Laxmi
Ashta Laxmi Namostute
Ashta Laxmi, Maha Laxmi
Hare Laxmi Namostute


I pray to the eight forms of Goddess Laxmi to destroy all the evil forces around us and bless us with a prosperous and bright future.

Krishna Mantras

1: Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo

Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo
Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo


Govind and Hari Gopal are both one of the 108 names of Lord Krishna. "Bolo" translates to "say" so the lyrics are meant to repeat the divine's name.

2: Radhe Govinda

Radhe Govinda Mukunda Murari
Radhe Govinda Mukunda Murari
Ghanshyama Mukunda Murari
Ghanshyama Mukunda Murari


Lord Krishna is known as the slayer of demon mura, the source of knowledge and salvation, the one who held Mount Govardhan, the love of Radha's life.

3: Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama

Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama
Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama
Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama


To the beloved Lord Krishna, I surrender my mind to you to take me under your shelter.

4: Jai Ho Nand Lal Ki

Jai Ho Nand Lal Ki,
Jai Yashoda Lal Ki
Haathi Ghoda Paal Ki,
Jai Kanhiya Lal Ki


This song is often sung during Janmashtami, which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. Although Nand and Yashoda are not Krishna's biological parents, they raised him since birth. This mantra translates to: "There are many elephants, horses and cradles ready to welcome Kanhaiya (another name for Lord Krishna)."

5: Maha Mantra

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama,
Rama Rama Hare Hare


Hare to the energy of Hari (Lord Vishnu), whereas Krishna and Rama are the names of two avatars of Lord Vishnu.

It can be interpreted to mean, "Oh Lord, please engage me in your service, and help me stay close to your divine energy."

Hanuman Mantras

1: Hanumate Namoh

Om Hum Hanumate Namoh Namah
Sri Hanumate Namoh Namah
Jai Jai Hanumate Namoh Namah
Ram Dutaye Namoh Namah

Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali
Kardo Kirpiya Maha Bali

3: Hanuman Chalisa (partial)

Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar
Jai Kapis Tihun Lok Ujagar
Ram Doot Atulit Bal Dhama
Anjani Putra Pavan Sut Nama


Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram
Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

5: Hanuman Gayatri Mantra

Om Anjaneyaya Vidmahe Vayu Putraya Dhimahi Tanno Hanumat Prachodayat


We pray to the son of Anjana and the God of wind, Vayu. May Lord Hanuman lead our minds towards knowledge.

Ganesh Mantras

1: Ganesh Mantra

Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Namah
Shree Siddhivinayak Namo Namah
Shree Siddhivinayak Namo Namah
Astavinayak Namo Namah
Ganpati Bappa Morya ​

2: Vakratunda Mahakaya

Vakratunda Mahakaya
Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva
Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada


Ganpati Bappa Morya
Mangalmurti Morya


Om Ekdantaya Vidmahe Vakrutundaya Dheemahi Tanno Danti Prachodayat


Ek Do Teen Chaar
Ganpati Ki Jay Jaykar,
Paanch Che Saat Aath,
Ganpati Hamare Saath

Saraswati Devi Mantras

1: Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Parchodayat


We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose divine light illumines all realms (physical, mental and spiritual). May this divine light illumine our intellect.


The Gayatri Mantra is a universal prayer from the Vedas that asks for wisdom and clarity of thought. It helps people see how everything in the world is connected.

2: Shreem Reem
Om Shreem Hreem Saraswati Namaha
Om Shreem Hreem Saraswati Namaha
Om Shreem Hreem Saraswati Namaha


Om, I honor and bow to the goddess Saraswati, who embodies knowledge, wisdom, and creativity.


By repeating this chant, people seek Saraswati's blessings to enhance their learning, creativity, and wisdom, helping them succeed in their studies and creative pursuits.

3: Saraswati Namastubhyam

Om Saraswati Namastubhyam Varade Kaama-Roopini
Vidyaarambham Karishyaami Siddhir-Bhavatu Me Sadaa


Salutations to Devi Saraswati, who is the giver of boons and fulfiller of wishes. Oh Devi, as I begin my studies, may I always be successful


This mantra is a prayer to the goddess Saraswati, asking for her blessings to succeed in learning and education. It is typically chanted when embarking on educational endeavors.

4: Saraswati Mahabage

Saraswati Mahabage Vidhye Kamala Lochane
Vidhyarupe Vishalakshi Vidhyam Dhehi Namosthuthe


Saraswati, the great goddess with lotus eyes, embodiment of knowledge and wide-eyed wisdom, grant me knowledge. I bow to you.


This mantra requests Saraswati Devi to bless us with wisdom. It is chanted to enhance the focus, concentration, and memorizing powers of the reciter.

5: Saraswati Vidmah

Om Saraswatyei Vidmahe
Brahmaputriye Dheemahi
Tanno Devi Prachodayat


We meditate on Goddess Saraswati, the daughter of Brahma. May the Goddess inspire us.


Chanting this mantra is a way to seek Goddess Saraswati's blessings for wisdom and inspiration in our lives.

Durga Devi Mantras

1: Durga Mantra

Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche


Om, I bow to Chamunda who embodies the powers of Aim, Hreem, and Kleem.


This mantra is a way to connect with Goddess Chamunda, who is known for her strength and protective qualities. By chanting about these powers, we seek her divine grace, protection, and empowerment.

2: Saranagata Dinarta

Om Saranagata Dinarta Paritrana Parayane Sarvasyarti Hare Devi Narayani Namo’stu Te 


Om, O Devi Narayani, the one who is dedicated to rescuing those who seek refuge, I bow to you.


This is a prayer for Devi Narayani, seeking her protection and guidance for people who are seeking help. She is seen as the rescuer of all beings who surrender to her with faith and devotion.

3: Sarva Swarupe 

Om Sarva Swarupe Sarveshe, Sarva Shakti SamanviteBhaye Bhyastraahi No Devi, Durge Devi Namostute


Om, salutations to the Goddess Durga, who embodies all forms and possesses all powers. Protect us from all fears, O Devi Durga, we bow to you.


This mantra asks Goddess Durga for her protection from fears and troubles, showing respect and seeking her help.

4: Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Matri Rupena SamsthitaYa Devi Sarvabhuteshu Laxmi Rupena SamsthitaYa Devi Sarvabhuteshu Buddhi Rupena SamsthitaYa Devi Sarvabhuteshu Daya Rupena SamsthitaYa Devi Sarvabhuteshu Shraddha Rupena SamsthitaNamas Tasyai, Namas Tasyai, Namas Tasyai Namo Namah


To that Goddess who resides in all beings as the form of Mother, as the form of Wealth, as the form of Intelligence, as the form of Compassion, and as the form of Faith, we bow again and again.


This mantra praises the Goddess who exists in everyone as a mother, wealth, intelligence, compassion, and faith. It's a way of showing respect and recognizing these qualities in all living beings, saying "we bow to you" over and over again.

5: Sarvamangala Mangalye 

Om Sarvamangala Mangalye Sive Sarvartha Sadhike 
Saranye Tryambake Gauri Narayani Namo’stu Te 


Om, salutations to you, O Narayani, who brings auspiciousness and fulfills all desires, who is the refuge and the three-eyed Gauri.


This mantra praises and seeks blessings from Narayani, addressing her as she is the fulfiller of desires. It acknowledges her as the compassionate goddess Gauri, emphasizing her divine qualities and seeking her protection.

6: Saranagata Dinarta

Om Saranagata Dinarta Paritrana Parayane Sarvasyarti Hare Devi Narayani Namo’stu Te 


O Devi Narayani, I bow to you, the refuge of the helpless, the one who rescues those in distress from all suffering.


This mantra is a prayer to Devi Narayani, the protector of all beings, as we seek her protection and aid for those when facing difficulties in life.

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