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30,000+ Families Have Sparked Cultural Curiosity With Modi Toys


Each one of our plush toys play mantras respective to the deity, sung by Indian artists, for an authentic feel.


Bring our plush toys to life by pairing them with our children's illustrated board books and our animated stories.


Ranked among leading brands as the Best Toy from Good Housekeeping, Parents, and Tillywig.

Trusted & Tested

Our soft toys are lab-tested and certified, and have received a 4.5 star rating from families across 35 countries.


With the purchase of each of our plush toys, you are saving up to 15 plastic bottles from toxic environmental waste.

Made in India

Our products are manufactured in India for global citizens who long to stay connected to their roots


We are the original and the first-ever makers of mantra-singing plush toys inspired by our Hindu culture.


You can personalize our medium sized plush toys with a child's name in any language or in your handwriting.

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Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews

Peaceful Afternoons

A lot of mobile cribs are aesthetic looking are priced similar or more. This one is so worth it as it comes with Bluetooth so I can play any other music I like for my child on it.
Also, the fact that it’s all instrumental is very soothing and helps with baby falling asleep on their own.

Shhhanti Musical Crib Mobile
Mixed Family

This was the perfect gift for my 3 month old son’s first Christmas! The Ganesha is a great size, soft material, son’s name written on the side is great quality and the prayers being recorded in kids voices was the cherry on top! My husband said it’s the best thing he has ever seen! We look forward to purchasing other items for future milestone events! Thank you Modi Toys!

Baby Ganesh (Medium 11")
Best Purchase Ever!!

"The whole family is obsessed with these! But my nephew the most! He smiles everytime he sees one and loves all of them! Thank you so much Modi Toys for creating such an inclusive and beautiful toy for our babies!"

Priya Patel
(Mini Devtas Bundle)

We are in awe of the beauty of this Lakshmi doll. She is everything I hoped for a more. My daughter is obsessed with owls so the story of how Lakshmi Ma got her vahana is perfect for our little one. She loves the doll...and that was the point of getting her. But the bonus is that we love it too!!

Laxmi Devi Collection
Gift for myself!

I am 38 years old, I bought this toy for myself. I love Saraswati Devi and have so much nostalgic memories. This is such a unique venture and never have I come across such an interesting creation. I found it via Instagram and I ordered immediately. I also ordered Baby Krishna for my daughter. The shipment was on time and we are in AWE & in LOVE with the products. Thank you!

Medium Bundle

Thank you for sharing your magic!!! We have only had the mini trio toys for 3 days for our 9 month old but I have been sharing your toys in my stories for months. Raising a boy named Karan in an extremely white and Christian part of the state feels daunting, but whenever I see my husband or in-laws light up, I know I am doing the right thing for our son, my extended family and their faith. I chose a Hindu partner and family and I will honor them to the highest degree. 💗 For us that includes MORE MODI TOYS!!!!!

Mini Devtas
customers for life

I have purchased this Ganesh as gifts for new babies in our family for years! My kids have also received them as gifts and just love them. The mantras are super relaxing for little baby ears and my now 3 year old still hangs out with his Ganesh buddy and can recite the mantras thanks to his buddy! It’s been amazing to watch him grow up with diverse toys that connect him to our culture. A simple toy but truly exceptional experience. We are customers for life!

Baby Ganesh Collection
Twinkle twinkle

The mantra that Baby Ganesh sings has become my version of "twinkle twinkle". I sing it multiple times a day to both kids, especially to soothe them when they are sad/upset. It's crazy and magical how your toy has had such a great influence in our lives. Sohana knows all the words and I am sure Ariyan will too one day. And I am sure they will remember the mantra and maybe even pass it on to their children.

Priya G.
Baby Ganesh Collection
For Every Generation

My grandma is a HUGE believer in Ganpati, so when presenting my wedding invite to my grandparent, my parents and I also gifted them singing Baby Ganesh. It seemed so appropriate and fit for the occasion (blessings all around). I can't begin to explain the happiness they felt. When my mom handed Baby Ganesh with my wedding invite, they were speechless (shocked)! My grandma called me after and was soooo incredibly happy that there's hope for future generations to know and understand our culture. So thank you for all that you're doing, and know that Baby Ganesh brings joy to every generation!

Anisha B.
Baby Ganesh (Medium 11")

We Take Play Seriously

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Meet the Modis Behind the Toys

Bootstrapped by siblings, Viral Modi and Avani Modi Sarkar, this minority-owned small business was inspired by their newborn daughters, in hopes of creating the type of toys and books that reflected their heritage and roots. 


Our toys are made from recycled plastic bottles.
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