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The best!!!

I love gifting Modi toys to parents who are expecting their first baby! I needed to get it shipped asap and they were able to meet the requirements. So so happy to pass these amazing toys to the family

Voice Box
Banumathy Nandakumar
Voice box Not Working

The voice box came with the recently purchased medium Ganesh is Not Working, Not Singing Mantras. Disappointed. Sent message through web. So far no response. Expecting a replacement soon.


I dint like the sound this time, last time i gifted the sane to my niece and those were super good, so i ordered the same for my baby and the sound is not clear and not loud enough

I loved it. Ganesha I was told goes before and prepares a way …lovingly ….so yes I loved the card . Thank you !

Modi toys - love it

Thank you so much for creating these beauties! I purchased this for my baby boy and he enjoys listening to the songs! Very creative and beautifully done! Very satisfied! The only thing for me was shipping costs was a killer for me to send to nz I wish it was a little less would have purchased the whole bundle . However, end product well packaged and delivered very quickly and enjoying it! Highly recommend!

for the shaanti crib mobil

I ordered all the mini plush soft toys as well as the shaanti crib mobil but the mobil arm does not fit my crib. So now its a waste. They should make it in a way that it universally fits all the cribs. The toys are good and clothes are good as well

My daughter us obsessed!

Laxmi Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy

Mini Bundle (7") Mantra Singing Plush Toys

Bluetooth Speaker
Ritha Menon

Bluetooth Speaker

Battery life

The battery ran out in 5 days and it was not overused. That is disappointing.

love Baby Ganesh

My younger daughter got one for my older daughter's son in 2019, whole family loved Baby Ganesha. Now I bought one as a gift for friend's grandson.

Book: Laxmi's Diwali Dream Team

Mini Devtas Bundle (7") Mantra Singing Plush Toys

Cute and awesome

My son loved the devis a lot. Just can’t take my eyes off them too . Thank you

Saraswati Devi (Mini 7") Mantra Singing Plush Toy

Look so real

This was a gift for our friends son..the songs and the deign were beautiful

Durga Devi (Medium 11") Mantra Singing Plush Toy

Baby Hanuman (Medium 11") Mantra Singing Plush Toy

Wall Prints Bundle
Kranthi Juvva
Too expensive and not worth it.

The idea of selling Indian idols in flush toys with slokas is good, but when it comes to pricing, the posters are very small and the bundle costs $40, which is not an acceptable price. A few pages of the book are in reverse order.

Amazing and insightful book

My son is five year old , he loves all the books. He rereads hanuman and hidden powers book and now he says the story by heart. Another favorite book shiva and magic mantra, he chants mantra to relax his mind.

Wonderful! Beautiful Hanuman~ji

Love it! Thank you!!! Namaste

soft squishy and just the right size

Very sweet little Krishna, perfect size for a toddler