Why do we eat yogurt or something sweet before leaving the house?

This might be a familiar story for you:

Sound familiar?

You're getting ready to leave the house for an important occasion. Maybe it's a job interview, an exam, or a trip. And your parent stops you and gives you a spoonful of yogurt or sweet yogurt.

According to ayurveda, curd:

  • acts as a natural coolant for your body
  • helps fight the heat contains calcium and
  • proteins is easy on the stomach.

And that sweet sugar...

is instant energy!

The glucose in it provides a quick boost to a person's energy

Put these together and you get:

  • a boost of energy that can make up for lost energy
  • a satiated stomach that you can maintain for a longer time
  • a cool down for the body that feels especially good in the summer

This tradition came from how people would travel in India long ago, before cars or trains. To prepare for long journeys, people combined curd and sugarcane. Over time, this practice became associated as "good luck."

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