The Story of Janmashtami

This is the story of Krishna's birth.

Call me Krishna, Gopal. Kahniya or Govinda. My life is an open book but I'm an enigma. You may know me for a number of things. Like the beautiful color of my dark skin... or the famous war I helped my cousins win.

Trouble always seemed to follow me wherever I go, because my uncle Kamsa was not a friend, but a foe. Someone once told him that his eighth niece or nephew -- that's me -- will grow up one day to end him, so getting rid of me was key.

My father hid me in a basket to take me far away. It was raining hard but we still left on the night of my birthday. We began walking towards a small town named Gokul, where his friend Nanda lived, a man whose heart I would soon rule.

To reach there safely, we didn't need any trick or potion, but the river we were crossing had turned into an ocean. As we feared the worst, there magically appeared a nice fella named Vasuki, the ten-headed snake, who covered us like an umbrella.

When we reached Uncle Nanda's house, my father heaved a sigh of relief. His plan was working -- he would leave me there, while everyone lay asleep... Except for the newborn girl named Durga, who was waiting wide awake. He laid me down as he picked her up, and walked away with a heartbreak.

As my father brought Durga home, he knew this isn't where she belonged. 'Twas the moment my evil Uncle Kamsa had been waiting for all along. He was expecting a boy, but saw a girl. To him, it was all the same. Fear had stolen Uncle Kamsa's peace of mind and I was to blame.

He picked up her basket, and tried to throw it against the wall. But Durga didn't fall to the ground. Instead, she rose nice and tall.Uncle Kamsa realized his work wasn't done. I had escaped, so his imagination too, began to run. This was not the end. That's right. My adventures had just begun.


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