Is Sanskrit the Mother of All Languages?

It is also called Dev Vani, the language of gods.

Sanskrit was developed by sages as a sacred, musical, sound of language.

Sanskrit is the root of all Indo-European languages.

The script, grammar, and phonetics of Sanskrit language are such that many of the nerves of the human body get activated.

Sanskrit mantras, when recited in combination with the sound vibration, have a specific effect on the mind and the psyche of the individual.

Sanskrit is one of the oldest surviving and documented languages and is a sacred language of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions.

About 5 to 30 million extant manuscripts – that is 100 times those in Greek and Latin combined – have been written in Sanskrit.

The reason Sanskrit is sometimes referred to as the “mother” of all languages is not because it spawned every other language, but because it allowed for the evolution of all languages to follow it.

As Sanskrit spread, so too did the idea of documenting language and creating a unified form of communication. Languages today would be nothing without Sanskrit.


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