Hanuman and the Stolen Mango

The Story

When Hanuman was a child, he woke up one morning starving. He looked around for his parents, but instead his eyes landed on something even more enchanting …

The sun! 

In his naive little eyes, the sun looked like a giant, juicy mango. He quickly came up with a simple plan: leap into the sky, grab the mango, and eat it. 

As he was flying towards the sun, its heat got stronger, but Hanuman, fueled by his craving, kept going. 

Seeing this, Indra, the king of gods, feared that the world would plunge into darkness if Hanuman ate the Sun 

In an attempt to stop him, Indra hurled his powerful Thunderbolt at Hanuman. Struck by the weapon, Hanuman fell back to earth, unconscious and with a broken jaw.

When Vayu, the god of wind and Hanuman's father, saw him laying down looking lifeless he let out a mighty roar.

Vayu’s anger got the best of him and he decides to withhold his gift of wind from the entire world. Plants wilt and the very breath seems to be sucked out of the world. The gods, struggling to breathe and maintain their celestial duties, realized the gravity of the situation.

To help appease Vayu and reverse the situation, Indra asks each of the gods to gather and gift Hanuman a special power as blessings.

As Hanuman regained consciousness, he asked Vayu to show mercy and not punish the world for a single mistake 

Although Hanuman was already born with mystical powers, he became Invincible from this point on.

This story highlights Hanuman's strength, innocence, and determination. It also reminds us of the importance of forgiveness and maintaining cosmic order.