Why don't Hindus sleep during sunrise or sunset?

The sunrise and sunset are very auspicious times in Indian culture.

The early morning period has a name:

Brahma Muhurta

Brahma = the ultimate knowledge

Muhurta = time period.

Thus, this is an auspicious time to perceive the ultimate knowledge.

Brahma Muhurta: Lasts 48 minutes Begins 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise

For example, if sunrise is at 6:41am, then Brahma Muhurta begins 5:05am and ends at 5:53am. This is the suggested wake up window.

The Science Behind Brahma Muhurta:There is nascent oxygen available in the atmosphere. This nascent oxygen easily mixes with hemoglobin forming oxyhemoglobin, which has the following benefits:

  • Boosts immunity Increases energy level
  • Helps maintain the balance of blood pH
  • Relieves pain, soreness, and cramps
  • Enhances the absorption of minerals and vitamins

Waking up pre-dawn is ideal for...

  • Meditation & introspection (ie: praying, journaling)
  • Concentration & studying
  • For improving mental health (before your day gets chaotic)
  • Exercising (or just getting your steps in)

It's also said that when day and night meet, the Gods visit us during that time... and tend to be more receptive to our prayers.

During the evenings, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati Devi are believed to visit and offer blessings.


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