Virtual Baby Shower Game Ideas

There's an immeasurable level of satisfaction I received in watching all the men, including my husband, drinking milk out of a baby's bottle during my baby shower. My personal favorite game, however, was "Guess the Poopy Diaper" (for lack of a better name), in which I melted different chocolate candies inside various diapers. The guests had to smell, taste and closely examine the "poop" to determine which candy it derived from. This game was particularly fitting for our baby shower since my husband is Gastroenterologist.

But just because we can't play these type of games during virtual baby showers -- thanks to the quarantine measures put in place because of the Coronavirus -- doesn't mean we can't still remain competitive and have fun. If you're hosting or attending a baby shower in 2020, chances are that celebration will be either rather intimate or virtual. Here are five game ideas that can be easily customized for your upcoming baby shower, and are great for all guests alike. The best part of all is that each of these games can easily be set up using PowerPoint slides, which make them Zoom/WebEx/Meet-friendly.

Mad Libs

Do yourself a favor and simply Google "baby mad libs" and you'll find countless free downloadable templates. Not that anyone asked but my personal favorites are the "baby advice" and the "baby arrival" versions. It's a great ice breaker activity if the guests don't all know each other.

Match the Baby

Create a slideshow of your guests' baby photos and have everyone guess who it is. This, of course, makes the game very personable but does require a bit of planning and coordination from each of the guests in attendance. An alternative is to grab baby photos of famous people off the internet (ie: celebrities, athletes, scientists, etc. depending on your baby shower theme). To make the game even easier, create two columns of photos, with baby photos on the left and their adult version on the right, and ask the guests to match the two sides.

Mommy Trivia

This game could be made as easy or as difficult as you'd like, depending on how well the guests know the mommy-to-be. Come up with a list of questions all of the guests have to answer, one by one. To make it even more interactive, include the daddy-to-be as well, and either test him or well, or include him in the trivia too.

For example:

  1. How did [mom's name] tell [husband's name] she was pregnant?

  2. Where are [mom and dad's names] going for their babymoon?

  3. How did [mom and dad's names] announce their pregnancy on social media?

Baby Jeopardy

This game is exactly as it sounds so no explanation required. Thank me later and go ahead and download this customizable PowerPoint that's ready-to-go for your next baby shower. To play, simply click on each square and delete it to reveal the question. Then click on the square again and delete it to reveal the answer.

Price is Right

Drawing inspiration from yet another popular TV game show is Price is Right. You can do this one of two ways: either create slides with photos of the items, for which guests have to guess the price, or hold up the items one by one, and have the guests guess the price accordingly. The latter option is easily doable for those with a baby or children since you won't have to go too far in search of must-have baby items. To make the game even more interesting, put the mommy-to-be in the hot seat since she's likely unfamiliar with how expensive everyday items like diapers, wipes and formula are.

Well, there you have it! If you end up playing any of these games at your next virtual baby shower, please let me know by tagging @moditoys. And of course, if you have any other fun ideas, share them below!

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