The True Meaning of Kama Sutra

What is Kama Sutra?
'Kama' = Pleasure or Desire
'Sutra' = Text
Combined, the meaning of kama sutra is defined as “teachings on pleasure.”
The Kama Sutra was written about 2,000 years ago by an Indian philosopher named Vatsyayana. The text is an attempt at creating a comprehensive and inclusive guide to living a pleasure-filled life.

Topics covered: Philosophy & Nature of Love Marriage & Family  Life Triggering Sustained Desire Proper Etiquette  & Courting Practice in the  Arts Surviving Alone & Acquiring a Partner Self Care &  Grooming Feminine & Masculine Energy Non-sexual pleasure-oriented facets
Kama Sutra in Purusharthas
The Vedas talk about the importance of the four goals of life (Purusharthas). The Kama Sutra falls under the goal of Kama.
Step 3 Dharma Kama Following Sanatan principles ie. truthfulness, compassion, cleanliness, self-control, courage, patience, application of intelligence, search for knowledge, and detachment from anger. Artha Creating value for yourself and your loved ones eg. freedom, good relationships, cultivating knowledge, a clean & beautiful natural environment, good air & water, healthy food & whatever defines a higher quality of life. Making daily life more pleasurable  by nurturing social interactions, relationships, and the environment. Step 1 Step 2 Moksha
If grounded in Dharma and Artha, Kama is seen not just as acceptable, but as a fruitful pursuit of the divine.
Sexual Energy Creates Life
Sexual energy was considered to be the highest form of energy because of its power to LITERALLY create life.

It was believed that satisfaction was at the root of peace
Mutually pleasurable intimacy -> Stable relationship -> Stable societies -> Stable kingdoms

Pleasure for Men vs Women
Men and women have very different forms of pleasure.
Woman’s pleasure is like water
It starts at the top and works its way downwards.
It takes long to come to a boil and long to cool down again.
Man’s pleasure is like fire
It starts at the bottom and works its way upwards.
It’s quick to ignite and quick to put out.
Same-Sex Relationships
The text is not prescriptive about who is giving the pleasure. Therefore it can apply to all types of relationships.

The Kama Sutra discusses same-sex relationships through the notion of the tritiya prakriti, which means "third sexuality" or "third nature".
Why so many positions?
One chapter in the Kama Sutra explores the physical stimulation of desire. It details 64 different types of sexual acts and positions.
These positions help foster better compatibility with your partner.
It's not just about the size of the boat. It's about the motion of the ocean.
A Few Take Aways
Some Do' s and Dont's from the Kama Sutra
Exercise will make you feel desirable and increase blood flow
Eating a meal before will divert energy to your digestive system
You may have up to two glasses of red wine (any more will slow you down)
Never use force on your partner. Pleasure is achieved between 2 consenting adults.

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