Why Are Some Hindu Gods Blue Skinned?

Common reasons

1) Cosmic Significance

Gods with blue skin are often seen as cosmic beings, not confined by the limitations of the physical world.

2) Spiritual Depth

The blue skin of certain gods signifies their profound spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and insight.

3) Protective Aura

The blue skin is believed to emit a protective aura– it signifies the divine protection that these gods offer to their devotees.

The Story Behind It

Once, Lord Hanuman inquired Sita Ma about the significance of wearing sindoor on her forehead. She explained that wearing sindoor on her forehead signifies long life for her husband, Lord Ram. Hanuman reasoned that if just a little bit of sindoor could prolong Ram's life, then covering his entire body with it could ensure Ram's immortality. So, he covered his whole body with a bucket full of sindoor and oil. This is why some Hanuman murthis are often shown as orange colored.

Hindu Deities Typically Shown as Blue Colored

  • Lord Vishnu ( God of Preservation)
  • Lord Rama ( God of Chivalry & Virtue)
  • Lord Krishna ( God of Love & Friendship)
  • Lord Shiva ( God of Destruction)
  • Kaali Maa ( Goddess of Time & Rebirth)


Lord Vishnu's Avatar

Ram and Krishna are both avatars of Vishnu, hence, they embody similar characteristics. Vishnu is represented as an infinite force, and therefore is the color of the infinite sky and ocean (in which he resides) – blue. As a result, Ram and Krishna have blue skin as well.

Ram is known to be the 7th avatar of Vishnu and Krishna is the 8th.


Lord Shiva

The exact reason for Shiva’s blue colored skin is unknown but there are a couple of suggestions:

  • drank the poison from the Samudra Manthan (the churning of the ocean)
  • smeared bhashma (ash) all over his body as a symbol of rebirth


Kaali Maa

Her name translates to “she who is black”.

Before the universe was born and there was no sun, moon, or planets, there was only darkness. Everything was created from the darkness. The dark appearance of Kali represents the darkness from which everything was born. Even in destruction, Kali Ma reminds us that good really can come from bad situations. If your hope and dreams have been crushes, Kali Ma can change cycles and produce life out of darkness, and bring forth courage and joy.


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