Holi Color Powders - Arts & Crafts

Here's part 1 of 2 of the kids' activities I shared during my Holi segment with Pix11 News this past Friday. Both of them incorporate our Holi Color Powder because, when you live in the northeast, you sometimes have to revel in the magic of Holi indoors.

Great for ages: 3+

Materials Needed:

  1. Watercolor paper
  2. Glue stick (that dries clear)
  3. Regular glue
  4. This cutout of Baby Krishna and Radha
  5. Holi Color Powder
  6. Strainer (optional)
  7. Bowls and spoons 
  8. Hairspray
  9. Scissors


  1. Apply glue stick all over the desired area of the watercolor sheet
  2. Using either your fingertips or a strainer, sprinkle Holi Color Powder all over the glued area. I like the strainer because it provides a finer consistency, but using your fingertips works just as well! Repeat this for each color, one by one. I personally like to begin with darker shades like purple, blue or green and then layer the brighter colors like pink, orange and yellow on top. This allows the color to mesh well together, and ensure each of the colors stand out.
  3. Shake off all the excess in the sink or a tray. Flip the page over to give it a good shake.
  4. Apply one coat of hair spray to make the remaining colors stick to the sheet of paper.
  5. Cut out this illustration of Krishna and Radha playing Holi (taken directly from the pages of our book, The Curious Case of Krishna)
  6. Glue it on to the colorful sheet
  7. Add it to your Wall of Fame!

What I love about this activity the most is that it allows kids to really express themselves since they can color way outside the lines -- and get their hands dirty, in the best way possible. I've done this activity with my kids 4 times by now, and each time, we've ended up with different looking pieces.

That's the beauty of Holi. We're all made of the same colors... and yet we all look so different. 

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